WARNING: Do Not Eat This Fish. It is Very Dangerous To Your Health

Be a keen observer and be very careful of what you buy in a super market, some items will just put your life and your families life to danger.Newly discovered tactics of producers of fish fillet, they sold Basa Fish, very cheap that is why it is very popular.
frozen fish

The Basa fish ( Pangasius Fillets) is cultivated near the Mekong River in Vietnam, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. The fish is cultivated in sewage pools which contain high levels of toxins and bacteria that end up in the meat. Besides this, the meat has been found to contains heavy metals, chlorate, isomers, hexachlorobenzene and other harmful compounds. The USA has banned the import of the Basa fish due to the high levels of contaminants in the meat as well as due to the suspicion that it contains antibiotics.

The Basa fish ( Pangasius Fillets) is very unhealthy and fed with waste material which can harm your health. In nature, the fish grows 4 times faster, but the Basa fish sold in our markets is injected with antibiotics and hormones that are supposed to make the fish bigger. The meat was found to contain hormones that accelerate the growth and reproduction of the fish, and is then sold in partnership with big companies that have no regard for human health. The Basa fish is sold at a very low price which attracts supermarkets and their customers to buy them, not being aware of the low quality of the meat.
The fish is very nutritionally deficient and doesn’t contain omega-3 oils or other essential nutrients found in natural fish. It may be decent in taste, but the Basa fish is very dangerous for your health, which is why you should avoid it.

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