Top 6 Most Haunted And Mysterious Place in Philippines.#6 Is Famous Of All for Halloween

As a tradition, Filipinos never fail to spend Halloween and All Saint’s Day by visiting their departed loved ones bringing along with them some candles, bouquets of flower, even fruits which serve as their offering to the dead.
But if you dare to try a different adventure this Halloween, then try these six haunted places as mentioned in an article published by ABS-CBN News for a fun-filled spooky experience.
1. Diplomat Hotel. Located at Dominican Road in Baguio City, this place is a former rest house and seminary, which was declared a historical site in 2013 and became popular for a number of horror stories. Allegedly, it is surrounded by disturbed souls of beheaded nuns and priests during the Second World War, babies killed at the hotel’s fountain, and visitors trapped to death after a fire broke out.
2. Bahay na Pula. Strategically located at San Ildefonso, Bulacan, this red-colored house had an infamous reputation during World War II as it wad said to be a place where comfort women were repeatedly raped by Japanese Soldiers. Aside from this, historical records also show several Filipinos were tortured and shot dead in front of their loved ones. Spooky tale include strange noises people hear when visiting this place.
3. Clark Airbase Hospital. This abandoned structure is located at Clark Airbase in Pampanga. It was a facility where casualties of World War II and the Vietnam War were brought in for medical care. Noted as one of Asia’s scariest places, paranormal activities are a natural thing here.
4. Manila Film Center. Found at the CCP complex in Pasay City, this building has generated controversy due to its hasty construction, which led to the death of several workers during the final stages of its construction back in 1981. Eerie noises which reportedly resemble those of workers crying for help are commonly heard by visitors.
5. Villa Epifania. This white concrete house located at Brgy. San Jose, Santa Rita, Pampanga, was then utilized as headquarters for Japanese soldiers and guerillas during World War II. Tales of yesteryear stressed that the house served as a place to torture residents during World War II.
6. Intramuros. Probably the most popular among the six spooky places, the structure is a known tourist spot for both locals and foreigners. The walled city’s historical past to include Jose Rizal’s detention and the death of several other war prisoners.
So, what are you waiting for? Catch a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the mentioned places on Halloween.

[source] - Kicker Daily
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