The Truth Behind The Causes And Complications Of Appendicitis! You Should Know This

Most people believe that appendicitis is caused by running or doing strenuous physical activities right after consuming a heavy meal. Some of them believe that it is also caused by eating fruits full of seeds. However, science has proven all of these theories wrong!

According to, appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is a three and a half long tube of tissue which can be found in the extended part of the large intestine.
Scientists are still unsure of its particular function in the human body as a person can survive without an appendix.

An inflamed appendix can cause death for the patient. If left untreated, it could burst and cause infections that can damage the abdominal cavity which could prove fatal unless treated with powerful antibiotics. This is the reason why an inflamed appendix requires surgery to be removed.
What causes appendicitis?

The human appendix may be inflamed when there is a blockage caused by stool, a foreign body or a tumor. Moreover, this inflammation can also be caused by the spread of certain bacteria around the appendix. When bacteria are present, the appendix could get infected. The infection will cause it to swell and it will eventually burst if not treated immediately.

What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
Usually, patients with an inflamed appendix experience severe pain in the lower right side of the abdomen.They might also experience loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal swelling and nausea. Patients may also experience low-grade fevers. According to, an inflamed appendix should be treated within the first 24 hours of symptoms showing.

How can appendicitis be treated?
People experiencing appendicitis often undergo surgery. Doctors recommend appendix removal immediately before it bursts inside the body. Since it releases infectious liquids, an inflamed appendix is potentially fatal. However, there are also cases when patients do not need to undergo surgery. Sometimes all you need are antibiotics and a liquid diet until you fully recover. Be sure to visit a doctor to find out the best course of action.

How can it be prevented?
Since it is largely unpredictable, there is a small chance of preventing appendicitis. However, a controlled diet with a high fiber content can lower a person’s risk of acquiring appendicitis. Doctors recommend consuming more vegetables and fruits.

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