Netizen reacts on LP to rise again: Hip hip hooray! ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption leadership will once again be th

Netizen Mark Lopez sarcastically made comments over Vice President Leni Robredo's "
Liberal Party will rise again" statement.

On his message, he said, 
Wow! What a Monday! Leni said the Liberal Party will rise again! Hip hip hooray!"

Yahoo! Can't wait till Feb 25 when the rise will have been completed.Anybody wants to join? Proven na yan..
Later on, he cited what would happen if ever the Liberal Party would rule again the country. He said it would be, "ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption, apathy, and coward leadership" once the Liberal Party take back what ones they have.

Lopez enumerated the negative things happened before and the possibility to happen it again under the Liberal Party.

He also criticized the Church, elitist, and the members of LP. 

The Liberal Party will commemorate this coming February 25, the anniversary of EDSA people power.
Wow! What a Monday!

Leni said the Liberal Party will rise again! Hip hip hooray!

Imagine that people -- ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption, apathy, and coward leadership will once again be the norm if indeed they rise and reclaim power.

We will go back again to rampant drug abuse and trade, terrorism and extortion, tanim bala, overshooting MRT carriages, stinky airport toilets, rotten or spoiled relief goods, OFW maltreatment and diaspora, soldiers and special forces sent to deaths, and good luck to us when a mega calamity hits our shores. We also go back to being American lapdogs while China will now be more aggressive and hostile.

Most of all, the elitist and the church will rule once again, which means the dumbing down and the abuse of the ordinary Filipino will be back with a vengeance.

And the fantastic bonus? It's gonna people like Leni, Mar, Korina, Frank, Kiko, Leila, Risa, Bam, Edcel and Sonny Trililing who will lord over government and lead us. Whatta crew!

Yahoo! Can't wait till Feb 25 when the rise will have been completed.

Anybody wants to join? Proven na yan..

Meanwhile, Netizens also lambasted Robredo and the Liberal Party on their strategic plans to rule again. Some even commented how they dispised the LP and cited that they will not vote a single one from them.

Netizen Gladys Camilote Talha said, "Only in her dreams and nightmares that will happen again!"

Ruben Valdez said, "If ever the Liberal Party will regain power, I urge my fellowmen to rise up and mount a revolution. Not just for our country, but for our sons, daughters, and grand children. This is our last chance for change. There can only be but one Duterte."

While, Dondon Baquilod said, "libre ang managarap....but hindi na ako boboto ng kahit sino man sa LP kahit pa maglipat pa sila ng Partido or palitan man nila ng pangalan ang partido nil kahit gawin pa nila yang SP..(super taerds) wala akong pakialam..libre ang mangarap ORACLE sure on my part, I WILL FAIL YOU."

Source: Mark Lopez 

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