LOOK: Chinese Restaurant Was Suspected of Selling Human Feet To Customers

China has been the center of scandals regarding food, pollution, and other stories that has taken the internet by storm. The world has set its eyes on China, but the Chinese government and population still continue to shock us. From selling fake rice to using gutter oil for frying food—China never fails to shock us when it comes to food.
Human Feet

Despite these scandals regarding food, Chinese food is still widely consumed around the world. Who doesn’t love their hand-pulled noodles or their scrumptious dishes? Sadly, more and more photos and videos uploaded online continue to raise doubt.
This latest photo has caused online outrage and disgust, after an alleged worker from the restaurant uploaded a photo of “bear claws”—an exotic dish they usually serve in the restaurant. Upon seeing the photo, one customer was bewildered as it resembled human feet. Scared that they might have consumed human meat, they reported the restaurant to the police.
But when the health inspectors arrived, they were more shocked at the restaurant’s condition. They found 55lbs of meat and fish of frozen dubious origin—alongside packs of crab meat and frog legs well passed their expiry date. There were extremely thick layers of dirt and grease all over the kitchen as well.
It wasn’t confirmed if the restaurant really served human meat, but they have consulted with a forensic pathologist to determine if the meat was indeed human.

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