Josephine Magbanua Reveals the Awful Conditions Within the New People Army

A video has gone viral of a former member of the New People’s Army (NPA), revealing the secrets the group wishes to keep hidden.
Josephine Magbanua, born from a family of farmers, is a former member of the NPA and was a member since the 1980’s. As a child she saw members of the group come-and-go in her community. Naturally, as Magbanua admitted, she was attracted to the NPA’s cause as a child because she saw other children join their ranks as well.
Magbanua says it was easy for her to embrace the teachings put forth by the communist group. The former member admitted that this may be because she was indoctrinated at a very impressionable age.
At a young age, she was enamored by the tough qualities which marked her fellow minors.
But all was not as it seemed.
Magbanua explained that the NPA forbade owning personal belongings and lived a simplistic life. Because of their rustic lifestyle, Magbanua had to make do with whatever items she had allowed to keep – such as old underwear. She noticed the unequal treatment she and others received in some instances.
Buying new items was not allowed by the group, yet she saw senior members purchase new items for themselves. She then began to question the supposed “equality” advocated by the group.
As she matured she noticed another instance which made her doubt the sincerity of the group. They were not allowed to have a relationship with anyone outside their unit. Yet she noticed other members of the group having relationships without hassle.
She began to wonder why she ended up in the NPA in the first place.

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