IN VIDEO: This Husband Assaulted His Wife's Mistress Along The Street. What Happened Next Is Terrifying Scene

Warning: Video content may not be suitable for minors. View discretion is advised.
We’ve seen numerous videos and stories on social media showing cheating men getting busted, or mistresses getting dragged and beaten by enraged wives. However; we seldom see cheating women getting or caught. Are women simply loyal, or are they just better at hiding and keeping secrets from their husbands?
This woman wasn’t being careful at all, as she allowed her boyfriend bring her home in his car. as the couple get out of the car, the woman gives her lover a passionate hug before heading towards home. The lover realized that the woman had left something inside the car, and was about to catch up to her—when her husband suddenly came out of nowhere and started attacking his wife’s lover!
The enraged husband gave his wife’s lover a beating, giving him tons of punches to the head. He then started kicking the man, who was curled up in pain on the pavement. The scariest part would be when the husband literally jumped on the man’s head, leaving him unconscious.
The husband then returns and drags the man to safety on the side of the road, to avoid getting run over by vehicles.
As of this article’s writing, there has been no definite information regarding where the video was taken.

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