IN VIDEO: Mutant Fish From Russia. Real of Fake?

Looking fish with a mouth that's bigger than its whole head. This picture was sent in by emily conway and her two kids alec and teagan.
They wrote, bill, is this thing real or fake? Guys, we did a quick check and guess what, it”s real! It's called a sarcastic fringehead, and let me tell you, it does not play nice.

When two of these undersea bullies meet, they open up their huge mouths as wide as they can to try and establish who’s the boss. Oh and one more thing -- the name "Sarcastic fringehead" does not mean these freaky fish like to make snide remarks. Instead, it refers to their razor-sharp teeth.

The original meaning of the word "Sarcastic" actually means "To strip off the flesh." not sure of the context on that one though number four is this intriguing underwater oddity. It was first sent in by kiyoshi takasu who just asked, is this picture real or fake? Kiyoshi, I know a lot of posters are out there claiming this is a mutant caught near the sight of the huge nuclear radiation leak at the chernobyl power plant in russia.

But that is just not true. It really comes from a photoshop contest on the infamous worth 1000 website - a one stop shop for the biggest collection of fake clickbait on the internet. The big give away on this one is the mouth - as in, there isn’t one. How's a fish supposed to get that fat with no mouth? Number three is this 32-foot monster sent in by mythicaldiamond tnt and kaustubh naik. Both want to know if there is anyway this could be real?

Guys, if this picture is keeping you from going to the beach, it shouldn’t. Because it’s just a fun piece of fakery! If you scroll down to the bottom of the picture, you'll see a notice indicating that this creature is the creation of my old friend, the rogue taxidermist, takeshi yamada. On his official website, takeshi takes full credit for making this creature up.

He goes on to claim that this and other creatures from his "Museum of world wonders" were not created by any other humans on this planet, or by intelligent humanoid life forms from outer space. Next up is this odd picture claiming to show a real fish that looks like a gigantic lump of chewed-up bubblegum. It was first sent in by sean watson who asked, “is this a mutant pink mister potato head or something far more sinister?

Sean, thanks to some great work by my dedicated facebook readers, I can tell you that this jiggly mass of pink protoplasm is actually real! According to facebook reader & super-sleuth timothy aruta, this is what is bascially called a scorpion fish. It lives in and around the reefs of the indo western pacific. It can grow up to seven and a half inches (or about 19 centimeters).

While it is not considered dangerous you might want to keep your distance as it has numerous venomous tentacles hanging off it’s body. And now for our last photo today we have this psychedelic sea-specimen, sent in by ben ong.

Ben, this may look like a ceramics project gone bad, but it turns out to be real. It is what is commonly known as a sea urchin and what’s even more amazing about this it is not just one sea urchin. It’s two! And what about that camel that likes to eat fish? Did you know camels are herbivores?

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