IN VIDEO: 5 year old boy attracts metal objects like Magneto of X-Men?

A five-year-old boy, Erman Delic, is the focus of wonder in Malesic in Bosnia and Herzegovina because of his special ability to attract metal objects to his skin; just like the X-Men’s Magneto.
The phenomenon, reports say, has left doctors baffled as they couldn’t understand the reason of such bizarre case after Erman’s health checkup.
Erman’s parents are also perplexed after noticing their son’s unusual physical ability to attract metal objects as a human magnet.
The family has recorded a video footage showing boy’s rare talent as small kitchenware including spoons and forks sticks to his body like he’s a magnet. The footage shows how three spoons, one fork, and 13 coins are stuck to the boy’s body.

Erman was brought to a hospital for a check-up after they noticed Erman sticking some metal objects to himself while watching television.They took him to a doctor only to find out nothing is wrong.
The medics are also baffled by the phenomenon and are lost over the possible reason as to what was causing it.
The boy is being compared with the Marvel Comics villain Magneto, who is a fictional mutant subspecies of human born with the ability to generate and control magnetic fields.
According to an article by Rachel Bishop in Mirror Co UK, the footage of Erman came out just months after a similar video of nine-year-old Mehmet Sumbul, from Turkey, was also filmed attracting metal spoons and forks on his chest and back.
In an interview by local media, the youngster reportedly said that his body can do the same trick with screws, metal ashtrays as well as with mobile phones.
“I am seen as a strange person. When I’m angry, my magnetic field becomes stronger. Now I have a fork and a spoon on my body, I feel like a magnet,” said Mehmet, who stays in Antalya city.
“He can attract any type of small kitchenware. I haven’t taken him to the hospital because he has no health issues. He is doing well at school and is good at sports too,” said Huseyin, Mehmet’ father.


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