How True That Oarfish Caught in GenSan City Might The Sign of Earthquake in Surigao?

 The Philippines has constantly taken pride in the different types of marine life found along the unblemished waters that keep running along its shores.

Be that as it may, the ascent of illicit angling has created a lopsidedness in the environment, which has brought on the dislodging of a large portion of our marine companions, for example, this uncommon oarfish which was caught along the shores of General Santos City, South Cotabato.

Last September 2016, fishermen from the Gen San area caught a 7-feet long oarfish which happened to present itself along the coastline. Instead of celebrating, the local community were not happy, for many say that this rare fish only presents itself when a looming earthquake is on its way.
Villagers believe that the giant fish, also known as the ribbon fish, is bad omen and will not bring any good to the community.

Reasearchers say that an oarfish typically dives more than 3,000 feet deep, the same reason why sightings can be rare. Just a few days before the deadly 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, about 20 oarfish were found along the beaches in the area, Mark Benfield, a researcher at Louisiana State University, told LiveScience, an online scientific news website.

Just this January 2017, another oarfish, which was 13 feet long, was found along the coastline of a beach in Albay, dead and lifeless.  Villagers were ecstatic and butchered the massive and rare marine life, then distributed it amongst themselves.

Catherine Dukes, a researcher from the University of Virginia, told LiveScience that there are no conclusive data as to whether animals can truly detect an earthquake, however, they do sense high levels of emitted ozone gas that is the result of crushed rocks underneath the Earth due to high pressure.

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