CONFIRMED: Vice Ganda Fired Negi On GGV Because Of Drug Use!

Comedian Vice Ganda may always poke fun at people in his programs and sometimes be perceived as a “bully” because of his sarcastic style of comedy, but friends of the comedian speak well about him, and one of them is fellow stand-up comedian Negi.

It was not too long ago when the promising Vice Ganda, whose real name is Jose Marie Visceral, used to live each day by his scanty salary pay after every performance at comedy bars. But now, through his hard work and perseverance, he has become one of the most successful comedians and personalities in local show biz.
With his success, he vowed to help fellow stand-up comedians by giving them the opportunity to make it big too.
Vice Ganda, also known as Jose Marie Visceral, helped Negi on his journey in Philippine showbiz. Negi, who is Uldario Molina Jr. in real life, is always grateful for the things the comedian did for him. Vice Ganda never forgets less famous comedians like Negi even though he is already at the peak of his own success. Helping them seemed to be his way of repaying since he also started from the bottom. Negi is one of the fortunate people to receive blessings through Vice Ganda.

Negi appeared regularly in Gandang Gabi Vice, Vice Ganda's Sunday night talk show. He was slowly making his way in the industry. However, the audience noticed that his appearances in the show suddenly stopped. Vice Ganda then shared the reason for this in an interview in Magandang Buhay. 

The comedian revealed that he had to fire Negi because Negi started to be involved in illegal drug use. According to him, he was happy witnessing Negi's journey towards success but he was forced to make a tough decision.

"Kasi ito nung rumaraket na nakikita ko, ay kumekeri na si Negi, ang saya ko na dami na guesting, ang lakas ng raket, eh nabalitaan ko may mga kaibigan siyang masasama tapos nagbibisyo-bisyo, sabi ko talaga sa kanya, pag nalaman ko pang nagbibisyo ka, tatanggalin kita dito sa GGV, papatanggal kita sa comedy bar, kakausapin ko lahat ng shows walang tatanggap sayo’ng trabaho," Vice recalled.

Negi did not take Vice Ganda's warning seriously and continued in his illegal activities. Vice Ganda then confirmed his drug use and decided to totally remove him out of GGV.

After the incident, Negi realized what was happening and immediately changed his ways. Vice Ganda witnessed that he was sincere in bringing back his old life. He also saw that Negi already learned from his own mistakes and he needed help again. Vice Ganda then decided to hire him again to be a part of GGV.

"Si bakla nagbago, umayos yung buhay, umayos yung bahay, yung pamilya, kaya sabi ko, o ibalik na natin si Negi sa GGV. Magmula nun, sunod-sunod ang swerte sa’yo [Negi] kahit di ko na siya tinutulungan, mismong siya lumalapit sa kanya ang trabaho. Kahit nga hindi ko na ‘to alalayan kaya na niya, eh," Vice Ganda said.

With what happened between them, Negi remained grateful to the comedian for his help and guidance all throughout his journey. Negi claimed that he will always remember the things Vice Ganda taught him.

"Ang daming mga katulad namin na stand-up comedian na gustong sumikat, ikaw nandyan ka napahalagahan mo. Tumanim sa isip ko yun na, o nakainom ka na ng isang basong tubig baka malunod ka, lahat ng mga bagay na nakukuha mo ngayon pahalagahan mo kasi minsan lang darating ‘yan," Negi said emotionally.

[source] - ENP
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