Watch: ‘Strange Creature’ Found In A Tuna Can Now Identified To Be A Tongue-Eating Parasite

On February 6th a British mom posted a picture on Twitter with a caption, “Can you tell me what this is? Nearly fed this to my children!!”

Zoe Butler was surprised to see a strange creature seemingly looking at her as soon as she opened a can of Princes tuna chunks. According to her, she was about to make a salad and sandwiches for her children. Since she was not able to identify the creature, Butler took a picture of the parasite and posted it online. This picture has become viral and many of the tuna-eating public are wondering just what this odd-looking creature might be.
Stuart Hine, the Identification and Advisory Service Manager from the Natural History Museum in London, indicates to the media that this creature is likely a Cymothoa exigua. In layman’s terms that would be a tongue-eating louse.

Hine also said that these parasites are found on some of the fish that tuna eat. They’re usually associated with fish that are smaller than a tuna. Another marine expert suggested that it could be a juvenile crab that folks were seeing in that viral picture.

According to Business 2 Community, Butler lives in Nottingham and her picture has started an online “Tunagate.” People were posting all types of theories as to what this can of tuna held besides plain ordinary tuna.

Opening a can of tuna will never be the same for Zoe Butler.
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