WARNING: Dont Let Your Daughters Have This Vaccine. It May Damage Their Reproductive System

According to a recent study, the Merck & Co. HPV vaccine named Gardasil, proved that it is not examined in details about the effect on females and their reproductive organs.

Due to this awful mistake, an Australian girl has totally destroyed ovaries and she is in early menopause after that.


Parents should be careful about this Gardasil vaccine.

A recent study found that the study was made 3 years ago, completely damage the ovaries of the 16 years old girl. They found out that her ovaries were perfect before and now are totally lost.

The Australian authorities, the Merck, never tested this vaccine on the female systems. They only tested it on males!

Some histology results of epididymidides and rats existed, but not rat’s ovaries result. This vaccine is made for women primarily, but the company made a big mistake and never tested it on ovaries in females and female reproductive organs.

Some other studies declare that this vaccine contains 2 items inside that are CHAOS provoking.
It has a preservative called polysorbate 80.

This is commonly found in processed food, but in vaccines is different.

Some studies claimed that polysorbate 80, also known as Tween 80, Alkest or Canarcel, is the major reason for damage of the reproductive system in women. This chemical also diminishes the function of both uterus and ovaries and speeding up the sexual maturation in females.

When this additive injected inside the body, the immunity responds in a way that shows serious side effects. These effects have noticed in many girls who have taken Gardasil.

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