VIRAL: This Boy Bring His Younger Brother To School Just To Take Care of Him

A touching photo of a hardworking student has been making rounds on social media and touching the hearts of netizens.

Mateo Baño, a grade 3 pupil of teacher Shyla Blasico from J. Blanco Elementary School in South Cotabato, brought his little brother to school while he was studying because her mother passed away last year due to ectopic pregnancy and his father is busy working for a living.

Mateo and his older brother take turns in taking care of their little brother, hence the reason he brings him to school so he can study and look after him at the same time."Dahil walang mag-aalaga sa kapatid niya dinadala niya na lang ito sa klase para di maka absent," Blasico said.


Blasico shared the photo over her Facebook account in order to spread awareness about her student's condition. From there it skyrocketed online and many people praised and encouraged Blasico for her help.

Some have extended their arms and offered their assistance to help Mateo and his brother. Blasico said "Mayroong tumawag, magpapadala ng pera. Mga 8.30 a.m., may nagpunta dito nagbigay ng pera, P500. Yung iba nagtetext,"

Along with the help of the school's principal, they are doing the best they can to assist Mateo in ways possible.

You may contact directly his teacher using this LINK.
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