VIRAL: Holy Robe Worn By Jesus Christ Before Crucifixion Finally Found

A million German Christian will be travelling to Trier to admire the Holy Robe, The Holy Tunic, The Honourable Robe, one of the most important relics in German Christendom that said to have worn by Jesus Christ before his crucifixion. 

Stephen Ackermann, the Bishop of Trier, has decided that the Holy Robe will be put on display for the eighteenth time in its history until May 13.


The Holy Robe is believed to be the garment used by the Lord before His crucifixion, quoted in the Gospel of St. John. The robe attracted 700,000 visitors in 2006, according to Trier City website. In 1512, Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I removed the Holy Robe from the high altar, where it had been hidden for centuries. Pilgrims flood the city wanting to see the Holy Robe and there was the first official public showing.


According to legend, Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine – brought the seamless garment to Germany. Meanwhile Prum Abbey has the sandals that belonged to Jesus Christ. These together with the Holy Robe and other relics venerated by the Catholic world, attracted the scorn of Martin Luther, who referred to them as “junk.” 

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