Understanding Your Own Mind

Being intelligent doesn’t make you wise. Wisdom is something that occurs naturally as one learns to understand their own mind. With this understanding, wisdom arises and goes beyond the intelligence of what one thinks.

Until you truly understand your own mind, not much will ever be different in your life. This won’t be because you don’t want it to be, it will be because in order for things to be different, it has to be understood why they are as they are. Waking up is not something that one makes happen, it’s something that occurs, and how you will know that it has occurred is by the awareness you have that your mind was based to self serve and now it’s based in stillness. Very simple to see this once it occurs, very difficult to see it if it doesn’t. The key to one’s continued expansion is to know the true nature of your own mind.

One day it was revealed to me that at the core of all my issues was my own mind and nothing was ever going to be different in my life if there wasn’t an understanding of this. I had to understand why I had to always be busy before I could be still; before stillness was experienced in my life I had to find out why there wasn’t any. Stillness doesn’t have to be attained for one to acquire it, all that’s needed is to be aware of why it’s not there. Once this occurs than a starting point can be established and the process of naturally expanding one’s mind begins, but for this to occur it needs to be understood.

When it’s said the world needs to different, it should be understood why it’s the way it is. If a problem arises find out why the problem arose in the first place and therein lies the answer. Things will always be the way that they are and the only way they’ll ever be different is when one understands why they are as they are. Once this is known than what needs to be different already is because of the understanding of one’s own mind.

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