TRUTH REVEALED: A Photo Of An Alleged Check Worth P300,000 From Former Senator Ferdinand ‘bongbong’ Marcos Jr Issued To Blogger Mocha Uson Is Now Going Viral On Facebook

A photo of an alleged check worth P300,000 from former Senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr issued to blogger Mocha Uson is now going viral on Facebook. But while it looks believable especially for haters, it only takes a couple to minutes to do some research to prove that this P300K-check is questionable and could be fake. Here’s why.

According to Madam Claudia, the original source of the photo of the supposed check to Mocha Uson is Jeremy Lubayo, whose original Facebook page has been taken down a few hours later. Nevertheless, he made a new Facebook page and posted the photo again. Madam Claudia’s Facebook page has also been deactivated but only for awhile.

But for the benefit of the doubt, let’s take a closer at the details of the check. It has an amount of three-hundred thousand pesos, and was issued December 27, 2016 to a certain Margaux Uson. The signature of the supposed issuer is somehow similar to that of Bongbong Marcos’, as compared to the signature of the former a holiday greeting.

And as you can see, the name of the account holder, the account number, and the check number have been shaded or covered even before someone took a photo of it. If someone with a clear mind will expose something against someone, he or she will not cover the important details so that people who will see it will have no reason to doubt that it is fake.

Now, here’s why we at Taho News think that the Bongbong Marcos check to Mocha Uson is totally fake. First, all checks are required to have the complete name of the payee. The complete name of Mocha Uson is Margaux Justiniano Uson, but the name of the payee on the said check is Margaux Uson only. Strike one for the bleeding hearts.

Second, we searched for the requirements of a check before the payee can encash it. And lucky for us, we did not need to ask a bank expert. We just read them from the official website of Philippine Clearing House Corporation (PCHC), a private corporation that provides check clearing services to more than 5,600 participating bank branches nationwide.

“Starting January 4, 2016, checks with alteration or erasure..and with incomplete information will no longer be accepted for clearing. When writing a check, necessary information should include the following: Date of the Check, Name of Payee, Amount Payable in Figures, Amount Payable in Words, and Signature of the Drawer.” PCHC said.

Third, the photo of the check has no signs of PCHC clearing and has not yet been encashed by Mocha Uson, how can she cash it given that it has already alterations? Fourth but definitely not the least, is Bongbong Marcos now poor and stupid to offer only P300,000 to an influential blogger that has more than 4.6 million Facebook followers?
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Meanwhile, Mocha Uson, who is a very active Duterte supporter, categorically denied receiving a check from Bongbong Marcos. In her official statement, she offered a P600,000 reward to anyone who can show her the P300K-check with her name and Marcos’ signature. She later increased it to P900,000, but no one has accepted her challenge as of posting.

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