TRENDING: “Preparing for people power 4?” LOOK: “Saint Cory” t-shirts being sold like hotcakes abroad

A facebook fan page revealed that t-shirt printed with “Corazon Aquino Saint of Democracy” were being sold in America.

Community Newswatch Philippines questioned the purpose of the t-shirts and they believe that the opposition is already preparing for mass demonstration locally and abroad to oust the Duterte administration which busy in fighting criminality and corruption in the Philippines.

“It seemed there is a well-orchestrated plan to oust President Duterte by making people fall into the call of Cory as Saint of Democracy and eventually ask the people’s support to join Anti-Marcos Rally but the real issue is to remove President Duterte and ask VP Leni Robredo to replace and lead the country.” The fan page wrote.

The t-shirts sold abroad is an evidence that the camp of the Vice President was engaged in an activity to oust the President of the Philippines.

The opposition faced a big controversy because of the discovered exchange of mails between the supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo.

The mails showed the alleged plan of the opposition to demonstrate rallies and spread message on social media against the current government and defeated Vice Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos.

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