TRENDING: Netizen ibinulgar ang 'Dahilan' kung bakit hindi nalabanan ng PDEA ang Illegal na Druga sa Administrasyon ni PNOY

NETIZEN – A post went viral on the social media after netizen Manuel Mejorada exposed the alleged reason why the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) was not able to fully fight drugs under the Aquino Administration.

Recently, lots of controversial posts have hit the social media – may it be with regards to the field of the showbiz industry, the political arena, or the lives of significant personalities.

It has also been a home to lots of claims regarding certain issues. In fact, there are netizens who use the platform to express their claims on important matters like the presence of drugs in the country which is now one of the top topics on the surface.

Netizen Manuel Mejorada posted in his Facebook account his claim about the reason why the PDEA was not able to fully combat drugs in the country under the administration of former Pres. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III.

Mejorada claimed in his post that the operating budget of the drug agency has been slashed by the Aquino Admin three to four years ago. The netizen claimed that the drug agency ‘fought with one hand tied behind its back’.

Furthermore, he stated that PDEA has no enough resources to conduct ‘drug raids’ and as well as ‘surveillance activities’ as it has a very small budget.

“This was the reason the PDEA wasn’t able to fight the drug war on superior terms,” Mejorada stated. He emphasized that the government which was supposed to lead the battle against illegal drugs in the country ‘hogtied’ the drug agency.

Furthermore, he claimed in his post that politicians who are ‘powerful’ have protected the people who were involved in drugs. He also cited that there was a ‘Big Man’ who condone the business of the late Melvin Odicta.

The late Melvin Odicta is a drug suspect in Iloilo City. In a previous news report, it is stated that his sons, Melvin Jr., Michael, and Daryl, were recently arrested in a drug raid conducted at their residence. Furthermore, the lawyer of the Odicta siblings were also nabbed by the authorities.

The post of Mejorada went viral on the social media and it has already reached 399 shares as of Saturday. There are also those who dropped their reactions regarding the matter.


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