TRENDING: Microphone, turned-off for Francis Trillanes by classmates during School presentation.

With teary eyes, Francis Trillanes (son of Sen. Trillanes) was fetched by his father after being humiliated by his classmates during his declamation on their school presentation.

It was said that his classmates turned off the signal for his lapel mic as Francis performed his declamation piece.

Out of humiliaton, Francis ran towards the back stage where his classmates was there telling him "Di ka namin papopormahin dito."
Parents asks apology for what their son's did. But it was said by the source that Sen. Trillanes didn't accept the apology of the parents. For what he wants was a public apology coming from his son's classmates.

Francis immediately called his father and told what happened. Sen. Trillanes rushed to the school to fetch his son.

The next day, Sen. Trillanes and the parents of his son's classmates met on guidance office of the school to talk about the issue.

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