The Crutch of Hope

Hope is like wishing one’s life away as it keeps you from experiencing the present moment. It’s used as a crutch because what’s occurring right now is always what’s here, as opposed to hoping for the present moment to be different.

Many people think hope is something that’s needed, but it’s used strictly as a crutch by the Conditioned Mind and it keeps you from not understanding what it means to be in the present moment. It’s a direct cause of suffering as it makes you believe it’s something that’s needed by making you live life in the future, and just how does the Conditioned Mind do this, by telling you the present moment isn’t good enough and it needs to be different if you want to be happy. It projects a lie that things would be better if they were in some other way, and maybe on the surface they would, but inward is where one derives their perceptions that makes life what it is, so it will be a life of suffering or one of contentment. Even if what is hoped or wished for comes true, it won’t last, especially when it’s on the surface. Inward there is a slight better chance for it to have a lasting affect, but this is only if one is awake enough to see this.

Let’s say you’re diagnosed with some kind of illness, the only thing hope does is it makes you wish the diagnoses was different, but it doesn’t change the fact of what is occurring right now. The illness remains regardless of what’s hoped for. If your life isn’t hoped to be different and it’s accepted as it is, you will experience the peace of the present moment and this is regardless of what’s occurring. By the way this where all hope and wishes come true because it’s the only place that truly exists, so my hope for all beings is that this is seen, not in the future, but right now because right now doesn’t need to be hoped for because it already exist.

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