Taking the Hook

What the unawareness of an unconscious hook does is it keeps the exact energy that one is standing up against in place, and in the process it doesn’t really change a damn thing.

The hooks of life are in place to grab you and pull you deeper into an unconscious state. Not many break free once the hook is set, but if you know the hook (generated from your own mind) is there, it’s less likely that it will grab you; not being aware of the hooks is why one gets caught by it. Not many investigate where the hooks are so they are set unconsciously, and by the time it’s noticed, it’s usually to late and you become a prisoner to the hook. This has been going on since humanity began, today’s world is just as insane as thousands of years ago, there’s just more news coverage and social media to spread the insanity and make no mistake that’s what’s being done. This cause, that cause, I don’t like this or that, all the unconscious energy being put out, I have been unfriended by some because they have chosen not to look at this. The insanity in place cannot be seen by the one who is insane; strong language, but true.

Get hooked into the story of the injustices that appear to be going on, but understand this is nothing new, it has been and will continue to occur because of the energy being put out by all. This isn’t to say that the injustices aren’t there, but taking a stand against them feeds them with energy to allow them to continue. If you don’t think this is true, what has changed in the last two months or even the last two thousand years in the way humanity reacts to things? This article isn’t about the last two months because this energy has been in place for many many years. This is what the unawareness of an unconscious hook does, it keeps the exact energy that one is standing up against in place and in the process although this energy makes one think they have to stand up for what they believe, it doesn’t change a damn thing.

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