SHOCKING: ISIS Use Babies To Bring Out Suicide Bombings

They are not only deprived of their right to live, but are used to kill others.
The exploitation of children by terrorist groups is not new, but groups such as ISIS, Boko Haram, and the Pakistani Taliban are increasingly using children to carry out their activities. The move is strategic as it is shocking. It provides heightened media attention and allows terrorist groups to groom more loyal members.
Children are easier to indoctrinate and less likely to resist, since they do not yet fully understand their own mortality. Moreover, because children appear less suspicious, using them often leads to more successful missions.
A recent suicide bomb attack in Nigeria has people around the world shocked and disgusted, as the terrorist group Boko Haram uses babies to detonate bombs. The Islamist sect has been carrying out almost daily killings and kidnappings across northeast Nigeria in a campaign of violence for almost a decade now. The sad part is that these babies haven’t even lasted a few years in this world—and they are used to take the lives of others.
Nigerian authorities warned the sick tactic could become a “dangerous” trend among terrorists after nine people died in a blast earlier this month. Female terrorists were allowed through the checkpoint after they were mistaken for normal citizens as they were carrying babies with them.
The two suicide bombers responsible for the January 13 attack at a market in Madagali, in the eastern state of Adamawa, had babies strapped to their backs. As soon as they passed the checkpoint, the two terrorists detonated their bombs inside the busy market.
Two female suicide bombers killed 57 people and wounded 177, including 120 children, in the same market in Madagali in December last year.
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