Shocking! A Beggar Tricks Passersby Into Believing That He Is An Amputee To Gain More Sympathy

How can you help a person who refuses to help himself? This is the first thing that came to my mind as I saw this video. Yes, being homeless and destitute is inevitable for some people, but we, as a Filipino family, are willing to help our kababayans (fellow countrymen) who are in need. But what motivation is there to help people in need if they trick us into doing so?

This man has been begging in the area for quite some time and tricking people into believing that he is an amputee. Of course, seeing a homeless and disabled person breaks people’s hearts, and is deceived into giving alms. Unfortunately for him, a passerby noticed that he was faking it, and told him to stand up and stop deceiving other people. I myself did not expect that he wasn’t really an amputee!

Now, netizens are viewers are divided as to “why” the man acted that way. Some say that he has no choice but to deceive people so that he could survive, while others say that he is “able-bodied” and he could work if he wanted to. The question would be, “Is there anybody willing to take him in?” Of course, that is never a reason for him to mislead others. What do you think of this?
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