Pain and Fear

“I” likes to make mountains out of molehills through attachment and although pain and fear are things that may arises, they don’t have to be given the energy “I” wants to give them and the only reason “I” does this is so it exist.

Pain is nothing more than a message that arises to tell you something, it’s not something to fear, but it will be feared if it’s not understood and this is because of the conventional relation pain has to “I”. Pain itself has no fearing quality inherently, it’s just a word, but when “I” attaches to it, it’s given energy and thus it’s given life. This isn’t to say painful things will not occur in life without attachment, but only the relation to “I” causes issue because of the story ” I hurt” or “I fear” or whatever story one attaches to. Fear only exist as a story created by “I” and when one truly learns this, attachment is lessened and so is the associated pain and fear. Be with the pain, but but don’t the fear of it be in control.

When the mind settles, pain is seen as something that just arises. All pain whether physical or emotional is temporary, but the mind that fears it becomes entrapped to see it as lasting forever. When this occurs pain becomes one’s master puppeteer. Attachment to “I” may not seem to be the cause what is painful, but it cements it in place and gives it control, this is how “I” works. “I” makes mountains out of molehills through attachment and although the pain may be there, it doesn’t have to be given the energy that “I” wants to give it, and the only reason “I” does this is to exist. Without “I” there’s no one there to attach and without attachment there’s nothing to fear, but fear itself.

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