Guided by Love

There’s no suffering in the space of love because true love has no attachment, so being aware of one’s “I” attachment and not holding onto it allows love to be the guiding force of one’s life.

The struggle one has with life is strictly mind based and it’s because there’s no structure to the mind. Life being mind based is equivalent to building a house on sand and we all know what happens when the first storm comes. Way to often mind based information is held onto which actually keeps one entrapped to the mind. I know how deeply engrained the conditioning is and I know sometimes I may come on strong, but it’s only because something is seen and it simply can’t be ignore it.

There are basically two primary forces that guide the direction of the mind. One is of suffering, the other is of non suffering and these forces manifest in many way. The core of suffering is attachment to “I” (selfishness), this force manifest as greed, envy, anger, pride, desire, doubt, restlessness, regret and so on. You can see how these will cause suffering, so if this is the direction of your mind, you will suffer. The other force is love, which manifest as kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, understanding, stillness, and so on. I’m sure you can see how these will not cause suffering. Make no mistake though, one will still encounter the possibility of suffering even with the direction of love because of how engrained the conditioning is, but if attachment to “I” isn’t in place, the suffering force won’t be in place. That’s the key, being aware of one’s “I” attachment and not holding onto it, because without it the force that guides the direction of your life will be from love and there’s no suffering in this space because true love has no attachment.

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