Entangled in Thought

When there’s a need to reach for something to provide peace, one is entangled in this thought, and until this is understood, one will remain entangled in the thought that peace is in the next thing reached for.

One will never find the peace they are seeking if they are entangled in the thoughts of finding peace. Peace is something that’s already within each one of us, but because of the way our minds are wired, we get entangled in our thoughts that it’s something to find. Unfortunately this entanglement makes the very thing we are seeking (peace) elusive. This entanglement is the reason one is constantly reaching for something from the outside and until this is understood, one will remain entangled to the thoughts that peace is in the next thing reached for. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, success, programs, therapy, self help books and on and on, this reaching is proof that one is entangled. Can you see this? I can’t stress this enough as this entanglement to your thoughts has to be seen if one is to truly experience peace in their life.

No one thinks their way to peace, but what does have to happen if one is to ever find peace, there has to be an understanding of why you’re not at peace. The proof that you are not at peace is in your inability to just be. When the need to reach for something arises, the entanglement begins. This entanglement is a vicious cycle that’s very difficult to break free from. Peace isn’t something attained or achieved so it’s in doing less that peace arises. To many people get lost (entangled) in trying to find peace, but since it’s something that’s already within you, the entangled thoughts about finding it need to be discarded so you can see. I don’t make light that this is easy to see, but I do offer my assistance in any way that I can. Understand though, this isn’t offered to help you find peace, it’s offered so you may possibly uncover the reason why you’re not at peace.

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