Consumer Buys RC Cola From A House-To-House “Agent” Only To Discover Gasoline Mixed In With The Said Drink


Unscrupulous people nowadays are getting desperate. It doesn’t matter if they endanger the lives of many, as long as they make a quick buck. Recent news about “sellers” replacing shampoo with a glue-like substance has not even died down yet, but another news is out that will shock consumers.

A victim went over to the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) office in Davao, to complain about a scam. Apparently, a self-claiming “agent” was doing a house-to-house sale and was selling very cheap RC Colas pricing a 1.5 liter bottle at P18.00. But when the victim was about to drink the said cola, he discovered that gasoline was mixed in with the real drink.

DTI is now warning locals of Tagum City to avoid buying from house-to house “agents”. It is always safer to buy from trusted retailers rather than being scammed by dishonest sellers as that supposed agent.

Let us all be safe and avoid buying “cheap” items from just anybody. Asking for identification is always an option, but it is still better to buy from trusted stores and retailers. Do not be fooled by these criminals and keep healthy.
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