A Young Child Rides And Drives A Motorbike After Her Father Left The Engine Running And Turned His Back For A While

Parents should always be extra cautious when accompanied by their children. Aside from protecting them from the unknown dangers out in the streets, children should be attended to at all times. You never know what may happen next. In this CCTV footage, the father realized how careless he was until his daughter crashed his motorbike. Thankfully, the child did not sustain severe or serious injuries—except maybe for the trauma she surely suffered after the incident.

Children often mimic what their parents do. If they see you cook, they want to cook too. This daughter often saw her father drive a motorbike, and maybe she felt that she could do it to. The man left the engine running and attended to his business. Little did he know, the young girl approached the motorbike and mounted it. When she hit the gas, the motorbike crashed into some cooking materials on the sidewalk which cautioned her crash a bit. The father soon came to his daughter’s aid, who thankfully did not sustain any severe injuries.
After watching the video, surely many parents realize how innocent children are, and are still in need of constant care and attention. Please take care of your children!
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