4 Steps On How To Identify Fake Rice. Everyone Must Need To Know This!

From gadgets to food resources, we can't escape the fact that such incident is happening in the world today and if overlooked, it can probably put your health on risk.

That being said, China has been infamous of its notorious deeds, most especially when it comes on creating fake products. From eggs to cabbages China has been imitating products and have it distributed to its clients.
it's been over four years that fake rice or plastic rice was found to be circulating in the market and making people sick. Find out more about this fake rice and some tips to help you identify the fake from the real.
The Float Test

floating test
Pour a tablespoon of rice in a glass full of cold water and stir. If the rice floats on the top, it means it  
The Burn Test

burning test
Burn a handful of rice on the floor. If it catches fire and emits a plastic smell, it is a clear sign that the rice is synthetic and not real.

The Cooking Test

Cooking Test
Fake rice remains hard even after being cooked whereas the real rice becomes soft after losing its raw form.
Boiling Test

Boiling Test
Boil a little rice in water and observe it in the process. If it forms a thick layer at the top of the pot and doesn't change its form, then understand that you are dealing with fake rice.

A video of the fake rice scandal getting expose can be seen below.Source: WittyFeed
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