WATCH: Poe At De Lima Sinupalpal Ang Plano Ni Duterte Na Magbitay ng 5-6 Na Kriminal Araw-araw

Senators Grace Poe and Leila De Lima both expressed alarm over the proclamation of President Rodrigo Duterte, saying that he will be executing five or six criminals a day once the death penalty is restored.

 According to Senator Poe, she was unsettled with President Duterte's plan, saying that though she was in favor of the capital punishment for heinous crimes and repeat offenders as she mentioned during the presidential campaign, she is also seeking for a reform of the judicial system because the poor do not receive adequate legal protection.

“And then you have the pronouncement of the President that he wants five to six kilings, five to six executions a day. That’s a little bit unsettling for me.”

Senator De Lima meanwhile stated that the president was “on his way to delivering on his promise to exterminate the supposed three million addicts, which he already regards as subhumans anyway.”
President Duterte, whose one of priorities is reviving the death penalty in the country, recently said:
“There was death penalty before but nothing happened. Return that to me and I would do it every day: five or six (criminals). That’s for real.”
Catholic leaders in the country also expressed disapproval over the president's proclamation. Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines executive secretary Father Jerome Secillano said that the country will be viewed as "very barbaric" and that “it’s going to make the Philippines the capital of death penalty in the world.”
The president's allies in the House of Representatives were pushing for the bill and voting will be expected by January.


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