TRENDING: Let Us All Take Our Country Back

Our country is plagued by corruption.
Our country is plagued by poverty.
Our country is plagued by drugs.
Our country is plagued by oligarchy.
Our institutions are broken.
Our political system is flawed.
Our justice system moves slowly.
Our mainstream media distorts news.
Our country’s wealth belongs to a few.
Our people have to seek jobs abroad.
Our morals and values are eroded.
Our society remains divided.
We have been lied to.
We have been fooled.
We have been robbed.
We have been raped.
It is time for the people to assume power.
It is time for the people to assert their sovereign will.
It is time for the people’s voice to be heard.
It is time for the people to take their country back.
We are the people.
We have the numbers.
We are the majority.
We have a Heneral Luna.
Let us show of what we are capable.
Let us win our country back.
Let us destroy the forces of evil.
Let us rebuild a new nation under God.
Source: Jose Alejandrino

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