Today's Gift

Today’s gift is simply to be alive and although the Conditioned Mind wants to make it about something more, there’s nothing that truly makes life better other than the simple fact that one day being alive will not be so.

Today if you are alive it’s simply because you’ve been given the gift of life. There’s nothing that was done for this gift, it wasn’t earned, it was freely given. Nothing is done to sustain it, but much is done to hamper its natural progression. A grateful heart aligns with this understanding and puts one in harmony with life. The things of the world will one day pass, but it’s the gratitude of one’s heart that last for all eternity.

Enjoy the splendor of this day, not because it’s Christmas, but because you are alive today to simply experience life. The true gift of Christmas or whatever holiday is being celebrated is in being alive today, for one day this will not be so. Obviously if this is being read, the day that it isn’t so is not today. So enjoy whatever this day has to offer in all its splendor, not because of the material possessions, but simply because you are alive. If being alive isn’t enough what do think is needed to make it so? Since today is the day that you’ve been given, make it the masterpiece you so deserve, and more importantly keep your inner light lit on this day and everyday hereafter to be a light to the world. Remember the greatest gift you will ever receive is the gift of today, and it’s simply because one day it will not be so. Enjoy your gift.

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