The Minds Expansion

The minds expansion is only limited by the view of life that one is locked into. When the mind opens anything is possible because the conditioned limits that are in place, simply fall away.

The tighter and constricted the mind is, the more problems it seems one has. If there isn’t free flowing energy, almost everything is a problem in some way. I’ve seen this in myself and in others and it’s all because of a narrow view (my way) caused by a tight and constricted mind. I put my way in parentheses because if that’s the only view that’s being allowed, you can see how narrow minded that makes you. A narrow mind leads to a narrow view and with a narrow view there’s no space for the current view to expand. This locks one into only seeing things one way, and one gets limited to that way. Imagine going through life like this, it would mean the only way you would be happy is if everything that happened was in line with your view, and we all know that’s not going to happen, not all the time anyway. So you better do whatever it takes to open your mind or you will pay dearly and so will those who are in contact with you.

Close your fist as tight as you can and notice how there’s no space, it’s like a tight and constricted mind, there’s no room for anything else. Keep it closed as tight as you can, now notice how it’s getting tired and you hand is starting to hurt, this is the energy you’re living with everyday, only it’s the mind that’s tight and constricted. It’s no wonder there’s no expansion, there’s barely enough space for ordinary living. Now open your hand and see how it instantly relieves the tightness and constriction. Open your mind in the same way and it will do the same thing. It’s Christmas, please give yourself the gift of an open mind and it will be the gift that keeps on giving because your view of life will keep on expanding. You deserve it, after all this is your life.

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