The Filter in Place

When one has a filter in place that sees things as they are without any association to I, it opens one up to a different way to view life which allows for experiences like never before.

The filter one has in place to view life determines what the eyes see and how it’s processed. The most common filter used processes things as objects and holds on to them in association with one’s created identity. What happens with this filter is it goes through the senses and everything is associated with one’s I as I becomes the base of the filter. With this association, a limit is created because a label is attached to what is seen; everything is processed as an object in some way. This is one of the reasons the ducks were never seen in the way I stated in yesterday’s article, because they were always labeled as ducks, but this didn’t happen the other day. There was no labeling the ducks as objects, thus there was no association to I, the usual limit wasn’t applied and lo and behold I had an experience like never before. This is what happens when the filter in place just sees things as they are without attachment and association to I.

Obviously this seeing things as they are will take some practice to filter things in this way, but the more it’s done, the more one will experience life like never before. It’s unfortunate, the sense, object, associated I filter is so limiting, but because it’s the usual way of the Conditioned Mind, most people are unaware of it. That is until now because my article is shining a light on this for all to see. This seeing things as they are filter is how I’m able to write an article everyday for the last three years. I’m not special in any way because of this, I’ve just been afforded the luxury of now having a filter in place that doesn’t limit my view of life. This is the filter that allows for experiences as never before and it’s now a filter available to all.

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