The Constant Need to Add

The only thing that makes a person think something needs to be added to life to enhance it, is their own conditioning and until this is realized, this conditioning will keep one searching for something to add.

As this searching for something to add seems to be a continuous phenomenon for most, this means most are missing what life truly offers. If a person is alive, life will be experienced, but the question to ask yourself is this, is your life being fully lived or are you under the spell of your own Conditioned Mind that makes you think something needs to be added or even taken away for that matter? If this is the default setting of your mind, and unfortunately it is for most, so much of life will be missed because you will constantly need things to be different than what they are. This is a mind agitation that keeps the searching for something to add in place which doesn’t allow any contentment with what’s actually taking place.

Life is never personal, it just continues on regardless of what happens. Humanity has become our own worse enemy and mostly because of always needing to add to life instead being content with what’s there. Add whatever you think you need and except for a few brief moments, contentment will be fleeting at best. Sit and visualize having all the riches of the world and being the most intelligent person to have ever lived and see what this really changes in your life. It will only be a matter of time before you will need to add something because regardless of what one has or what’s going on, if there isn’t some level of contentment with the way things are, one will constantly need life to be different and the search for adding what one thinks will make it better will make discontentment and searching to add something the norm.

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