Pleasure Seeking Thirst

Although the pleasures of the world take on many forms, it’s the thirst of one’s heart that makes one seek them. This thirst can only be quenched in stillness, because when the mind is still, the heart has no thirst.

One aspect of our conditioning is how the mind is in a pleasure seeking mode most of the time. Even when we get down on ourselves, it’s a perverse form of pleasure. The mind wants to keep all the pleasure thoughts and discard the non pleasurable ones, it spends most of its time doing this. Whether it’s weaving in and out of traffic, only to catch a red light and have all the cars that you just passed pull up to the same light, or doing something and asking yourself why did you do it, the reason for the doing is strictly to seek some form of pleasure. That your own mind questions why you do whatever it is that you do, is how diabolical it is, but understand it’s only this way because of the way it has been conditioned.

The pleasure seeking mode is not one which is in our best interest, but the Conditioned Mind doesn’t really care about that. That it’s in control is all it cares about. It makes you think seeking pleasure is a necessity, but when the mind starts to settle and it loses its grip on you, you will see the fallacy of this. True pleasure is in stillness, not in things, but the pleasure of stillness is not the same pleasure that the world provides. The pleasure of the world is based in lies, the pleasure of stillness is based in truth. The parable in the bible speaks of quenching a thirst that only God (stillness) can satisfy. This thirst is the self seeking pleasure of the world, this is the thirst the world creates, but it cannot be quenched. It’s only in stillness that this thirst will be satisfied, not because it’s given something to quench it, but because in stillness a thirst never materializes so there is no thirst to quench.
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