Nothing to Become

Needing to become something doesn’t enhance life because the becoming keeps the mind agitated. It may give an appearance of enhancement, but there’s no real benefit to one’s energy while trying to become.

The energy of always becoming doesn’t allow one to be present for what’s actually happening and it keeps the mind in a constant state of agitation. When I write about this type of energy it’s often misunderstood as I’m saying don’t do anything, but that’s not what I’m saying. Become whatever it is you think you need to become, just understand the intention and energy behind it so your becoming isn’t a hinderance to truly experiencing life fully. I watch this very carefully because attaching to this becoming energy keeps one a prisoner to it. A created purpose doesn’t enhance life and although it may seem that it does or that people are being helped, which they very well may be, there’s no true benefit to the one who’s energy is of a created purpose.

I only share this because it has been my direct experience. I know many people are helped by the sharing of my experiences, but it’s not a purpose of mine. What I do is more of a by product of where I’ve been led. It doesn’t mean I can’t put things out there that may help people, I just don’t have to make it into a burden by it becoming my purpose. Not needing to become anything other than what I am allows for the freedom of not creating a story of becoming. To me the most important thing in my life is to be in the moment that’s happening and not add anything to it. If it’s to share, I share. If it’s to sit in the body than that’s what’s done. In this place of not needing to become, I’ve experienced true freedom because it’s the only place where a purpose isn’t needed nor is there anything to become.

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