Bias Media condemned for publishing this off-cam video of President Duterte taking his medication

It’s the Inquirer again! Our most loved newspaper ever!
dave luchansky
President Aquino’s Daily Inquirer (PDI) never fails to fulfill its mandate: to badmouth every adversary of the Liberal Party and most importantly, President Rody Duterte -the nemesis of LP’s errand boy, Mar Roxas. Duterte knocked down Roxas (in a landslide win) in the last Presidential election.
This time, PDI deliberately published a video of President Duterte while taking his medication. Duterte was in the middle of a function in Malacanang Palace when one of his aides came forward to hand him his medication. Duterte didn’t leave the stage and took it right in front of the audience.
Watch it here.

Although PDI’s move wasn’t illegal at all, it would make you wonder where is the newsworthiness of that clip that PDI chose to publish it.

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