A Sacred Temple

There's no real good or bad in life, there's only the story of good and bad. If you don't think this is true, watch the story attached to what you like (labeled as good) and what you don't like (labeled as bad).

Think about how special life truly is. If you don't think you are a sacred temple, you have to ask yourself why not. We have become a society that thinks things are needed in order for life to be good, but it is such a fallacy. If you are alive today that's the only thing that needs to be looked at. You have been given the temporary gift of life and it will last for as long as it last and not one moment more. What is done with that life is determined by the way it is looked at. The stories that are made up about this manifestation called life are mostly full of nonsense that are usually someone else's idea of what life is suppose to be like. We poison our bodies and mind with so much useless nonsense that comes from others and we believe it. All the stories we create are used to make ourselves feel better. We give to charities, we hold events to help others, we volunteer to help the so called less unfortunate without seeing this is only a story to make ourselves feel better. We throw the word love around without truly understanding it and this is because we need to define it. Life doesn't need to be defined to be good, there's no true good or bad, there's only the story of good and bad. If you don't think this is true, watch the story attached to what you like (good) and what you don't (bad); possibly this article applies.

We are a sacred temple because of the way we come into being without having any say in this whatsoever. The world has been around for billions of years and now is a time that conditions are conducive for you to exist, that's basically life as it is, but feel free to add your story if that's what you need. There's no true need to attach a story to this, it's just something that happened. To notice this is when existence will truly be seen as a gift, not for any other reason than this. The mind makes up so much nonsense and it blocks one from seeing the sacredness of your own existence and thus the sacredness of the existence of others. You can never do enough to understand this, as a matter of fact any doing blocks this from being seen. It's one of the reasons the world is as it is because people think they have to do, but to see you as a sacred temple, you just have to be without adding a good or bad story.

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